I’ve been a member of the Republican party for most of my life. My father (a Democrat) likes to tell the story of the day I became a Republican (the day I got my first paycheck at the impressionable age of 15). Back then, a big part of the party was fiscal responsibility, something I identified with then and still do now.

I started this blog because I find that as I get older I identify less and less with the party plank and find that I need a place to vent. This is it, and I will proceed to use it as a cathartic outlet for my dissatisfaction with the sad state of affairs I see around me – everything from the twit in the White House to the bleeding hearts that want me to sign over my paycheck so they can support the homeless. I don’t ask that you read it, or if you read it, that you agree with it. I do ask that you keep an open mind and listen to what other people say whether they are Republican, Democrat or Independent, whether they are young, old or somewhere in between, whether they are highly educated or not. Because all of them need to be heard to get a real picture of the direction we need to go, when we stop communicating the only result is chaos and misunderstanding.

Angry Rino – more to come

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