There are days when I am truly ashamed to admit I am a registered Republican. So many more of them since 2016, but even before that with the Tea Party wonks. The latest event is the NC rally with the whole ‘send her back’ crap.

The level of intolerance exhibited by this president, his administration and his followers – from the scapegoating of immigrants and the gestapo like behavior of the ICE to the bullying and name calling from the twit in chief himself – just disgusts me and scares me. Let’s just say I’m not a fan of this administration or the direction the silent majority of the Republican party is willing to let it go.

After the 2016 election I had assumed that the US Congress being a Republican majority in both the senate and house would avoid calling the president on his crap until they had their agenda items met, and then call him on his behavior, but that now seems like it was a pipe-dream. The elected Republicans are afraid or unwilling to speak up against the guy with the result that I have more and more events that make me ashamed to say I am a Republican.

If we add to that the fact that there are very few splinters of the RNC’s plank that I agree with anymore, I often wonder why I haven’t changed parties. I don’t like the involvement of religion in the party, nor the whole abortion question; I think there are sensible ways to handle immigration without building a Great Wall of Trump along the southern border. I think healthcare is out of hand and needs fixing, desperately, and that doesn’t mean scraping the ACA unless you have a viable solution that doesn’t allow seniors to go bankrupt during retirement and cares for children. I’m a big fan of fiscal conservativeness, and that means you don’t cut taxes and inflate the deficit on a pipe-dream like trickle down, that has never worked in the past. I believe in cutting taxes and spending less not the same or more.

But mostly, I believe that the president should be someone to look up to as a pillar of respect, not some sleazeball, philandering businessman with no sense of decorum or culture. He or she should be someone any parent can look at and say I’d like my kids to grow up to be like that. Any parent that says that about this guy has very low expectations.

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